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Genital Wart Signs

Genital Wart Signs
By Brooke Thompson

Genital wart signs vary from men and women, this article will explain the different genital wart signs on each person and where they appear. Genital wart signs in men tend to be more outright and seen as their genitals are completely outside the body. Genital wart signs in women seem to be more internal and not as easily seen. On women the most notable wart signs are hard dots on the outer edges of the genitals as well as on the cervix and between the vaginal opening and the anal cavity. These are the genital warts and they may not show up for a long time after contraction occurs.

Men may notice that genital warts seem to show up on the head of the penis and around the anus as well as the scrotum. They may be gray or pink in color and will grow bigger over time. Another sign that a person has contracted genital warts is burning or bleeding in the genital area, especially during sexual intercourse.

Genital warts may seem to appear as small white lumps which many say resemble cauliflower and can be as small as 2 millimeters. Women who have genital wart infections will notice that the warts are small, sometimes too small to see. Genital warts appear in the cervix in some cases where they cannot be seen and there are no real symptoms or signs. Except for genital warts that are internal but may bleed during sex as the warts are being torn open. Doctor’s tests will readily tell a person if she has genital warts inside her cervix.

In most cases genital warts will cause no symptoms and not be noticed unless the outbreak of genital warts is big enough that a person sees or feels them. People really have to reply on the signs that genital warts gives. These are for the most part the bumps and cauliflower shapes as well as where the warts appear and how long ago a person thinks they may have gotten them.

Genital warts are considered a sexually transmitted disease because they are spread during unprotected sex and in some cases protected sex. The only dangerous thing about having genital warts and not doing anything about them is if there is no discomfort, and someone chooses not to pay attention to the bumps they can lead to some cancers.

There is a treatment offered by Healing Natural Oils which treats warts with natural ingredients. This product is called heal warts and can be used on genital warts. Once someone notices genital wart signs on their body even for the first time there is a discreet non prescription way to take care of them. These products are entirely safe and natural; they also have an unsurpassed record of success.
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Genital Wart Signs

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