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Genital Warts on Women

Genital Warts on Women
By Amber King

Genital warts are different than herpes in many ways, although people tend to think genital warts are in the same category. Genital warts like all warts are caused by the human papillomavirus.Genital warts look about the same as other warts on the body. Genital warts may lie dormant in the body for years and only surface later if someone has the HPV virus present. Some women may have the HPV virus and never see genital warts or any other wart outbreaks on their body.Others may even have genital warts present and never notice them. Genital warts can also be sexually transmitted through oral, anal or vaginal sex. Unprotected sex and having many partners can increase the possiblilty of having warts on the genitals. Still with protection warts can be contracted even with a condom, as the warts can be anywhere around the vaginal area as well as the anus.

Warts can also be in a woman’s cervix area and not be noticeable at any time, which makes her partners higher at risk for contracting the virus. Sometimes warts on the vaginal and anal area can be so small that there can be hundreds the size of a pinhead and never be felt. If warts on the vaginal area as well as inside the cervix are left alone for years there is a possibility the warts may become cancerous. A pap smear done by a doctor will able to detect changes in the cervix a woman may not notice. These tests will allow the doctor to tell if a woman does have warts on her genitalia.

Having warts on the genitals and in the cervical area can also be bad for women who want to get pregnant. Warts may sometimes go away on their own in time but during pregnancy they are especially hazardous. When a woman is pregnant and has warts inside her cervix or even on her genitals it may actually spread to the child leaving warts inside the child’s throat which can be especially bad for a young baby. It is important to tell a doctor if there are warts present or if one is prone to having warts appear on her genitals.

There are many ways to try and rid the vagina and anal area of genital warts but there is a better way. There are products which are natural and made to rid the body of warts including ones on the genitals. The product is called heal warts by a company called Healing Natural Oils. This company makes different oils for many skin conditions and has a record of success unsurpassed by any other company.
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Genital Warts on Women

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